A Limitless Life with Greg Prasker

What’s up all? Greg Prasker here...The Modern Day Shaman, helping you harness the power of the limitless self. This all happens by making the decision to own your worth, to embody your authentic self and to upgrade your relationships, all by freeing yourself of outdated and erroneous thought patterns, allowing you to live a truly limitless life.

This decision came for me after after I took 20 – 40 Xanax sticks and drove into the back of another car. I was stuck in a vicious cycle for almost 20 years, full of anxiety, bouts of depression and worry, fears, anger resentment and self sabotage. All I was doing was masking my symptoms with medication as opposed to getting to the roots of the issues..

So I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I cynically agreed to take a hypnosis course after a close friend friend suggested it. After the first session, I knew I was on to something. My mental chatter slowed down and I had the best night's sleep, 2 things that hadn't occurred in the longest of times.

I knew there was more out there, so I dedicated the next few years to exploring other healing modalities, I started to acknowledge my intuition and connection as the major tools that would propel me tot he next level.

The more I healed, the more I realized my calling was actually to incorporate all I'd learned and what I inherently possessed, into a complete healing system that had altogether dramatically changed the direction of my own life.

The healing system is centered around hypnosis, meditation, sound healing, Chakra alignment and activation as well as Reiki and Deeksha (which are two very powerful forms of divine energy transfer). The fusion of all these modalities paired with spirit guided coaching is designed to clear your past for an amazing future.

Once you've made the decision that today is the day your life changes forever, our work together begins. We will identify where you are, where you desire to be and your personalized game plan will remove the things blocking you between living a truly limitless life. Reach out whenever you are ready.




“I would highly recommend giving Greg and hypnofy and try if you are ready to become a willing participant for a better life.”

— Emanuela D.


“I highly recommend going to Greg at Hypnofy for any issue that you are struggling with today”

— Dawn S.

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