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Unless you are a brand new business in a brand new building, many individuals with many different energies have entered your space, whether it be employees, customers or even the previous occupants. As you could imagine, with a plethora of people comes a fair amount of negative energy that just sits in your space.


Energy is everything. You can have the best product or service out there but with the presence of heavy stagnant energy, in your business, prosperity is a great deal more difficult to come by.


If you have a service based business that has been stagnant or needs a boost in sales and clients, this blessing and clearing is also for you.

The Business Blessing & Clearing will

support your business dealings by:


  • Breaking up any stuck energy around sales, productivity & profits.

  • Clearing the energy or “Chi” in the physical space or energetic space so customers feel lighter, excited and happy.

  • Recharging & boosting your business confidence allowing you to attract an increasing flow of traffic and sales to your store or online spaces.

The Business Blessing & Clearing consists of:


  • Atmospheric cleansing via smudging with Sage & Palo Santo (sacred herbs and bark)

  • Breakup of energetic density via sound and vibration using a Shamanic Rattle & Tuning Forks

  • Blessing the space and raising the vibration through chanting of ancient mantras

  • Sealing the new energetic foundation through burning ancient sacred herbs such as Frankincense & Myrrh

  • Clearing and blessing of all important documents and marketing materials (Articles of Incorporation, property lease, business cards and even tech items such as computers, cell phones and POS systems)



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